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Verbalize Your Thinking

·3 mins
If you spend any time with an expert in a field you know little about, you will soon discover that they recognize distinctions in their area of expertise that you simply don’t have. One of the best ways to learn something new is to ask experts to say out loud what’s going on their heads.

Enemies of Learning

·2 mins
We are often our own worst enemies when it comes to learning because many of us are harboring unhelpful attitudes and assessments.

Four Decision Making Models

·3 mins
There are four common decision making models, and smart leaders are clear with their teams and community about which one they will be using in a given situation.

How to Apologize

·3 mins
Trust is damaged whenever a promise is broken or a commitment goes unfulfilled. Yet the damage can often be mitigated somewhat if the offending party offers a sincere apology.

Three Reasons People Don’t Do What You Want

·2 mins
There are only three reasons why someone doesn’t do what you want them to do, and it doesn’t matter if that person is your employee, colleague, or a family member.

Leadership in Focus (Issue 5)

·2 mins
It’s rare that I talk to someone who doesn’t think his or her company or organization couldn’t improve their meeting culture. Meetings should be about coordinating action and making real progress.


Leadership in Focus (Issue 4)

·3 mins
Adhering to a daily routine is still a work in progress for me, but the results I am getting have convinced me that taking the time to develop some solid routines and committing to them are worth it.

Leadership in Focus (Issue 3)

·3 mins
“Don’t you trust me?” If someone has ever posed that question to you, besides making you a bit uncomfortable, it might have been difficult to answer. Trust is complicated.

Leadership in Focus (Issue 2)

·3 mins
A great way to make your team meetings more effective is to switch your thinking and planning from agenda items to meeting outcomes. Agenda items are a list of tasks, while meeting outcomes describe what you want to accomplish during your meeting. That distinction is crucial.

Leadership in Focus (Issue 1)

·3 mins
Whether it’s your social media feed or the constant drip of your email inbox, the modern world conspires against focus and attention.