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Easy Closed Captioning

·6 mins
Closed captioning for online videos doesn’t have to be difficult with the wide availability of high-quality speech-to-text software tools. OpenAI-powered MacWhisper makes generating transcripts a snap.

Hosting Multiple Sites on One Host With a Caddy Proxy Server

·7 mins
As I mentioned in my recent article Choosing a CMS, I decided to trim my monthly webhosting expenditures by switching a number of Squarespace websites over to Hugo-generated static sites running inside Docker containers on a small Alpine Linux host at Linode.

Embracing the Docker Lifestyle

·6 mins
Using Docker is a great way to manage and isolate dependencies when developing software on a local machine. Once created, Docker containers can be deployed to servers and run directly. It all seems like magic sometimes.

Choosing a CMS

·5 mins
After evaluating the Jekyll and Hugo static site generators, I chose Hugo running inside a Docker container on my MacBook Pro as the development platform for rebuilding my Squarespace websites.

Tools for Solo Archery Practice

·3 mins
Almost everyone has an amazing video camera in their pocket theses days. Here are some apps you can use to make your solo archery practices more productive.


On Being a Passionate Beginner

·4 mins
Maintaining a learning mindset throughout your professional career by engaging in activities where you are a beginner is essential. Remembering what it’s like to be a novice helps an educator stay connected with the challenges students face.


Making Archery Events More Friendly to Newbies

·5 mins
Many organizers of archery events have forgotten how challenging it is for beginning archers to navigate the world of competitive archery. There are some important questions to consider and ways to help publicize events that will encourage first-timers to give it a try.